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Category Archives: General

Fast string search – someday reading list.


Git – someday reading list.


Git guides to be read some day.

Understanding Unicode and converting it to code points.


I had to make a patch to convert Unicode chars to code points and it turned out to be a fun exercise.Here are the links which helped me in understanding Unicode and its conversion algo.

Code optimisation tips from SE.


Some nice general code optimisations tips from SE.

GDB Tutorial links

28-Mar-14 has an awesome GDB tutorial. Its short and sweet. So here it’s filed in my LinksList.

In my 30’s, right age to innovate?


The article answers the above question : Just to abstract The authors examined the high points of the careers of both great inventors and Nobel-Prize winning scientists, and they found that the late 30s were the sweet spot for strokes of genius

NPTEL : India’s answer to MIT Open Courseware!


There is an Indian equivalent of MIT Open Courseware, namely NPTEL ( National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning ). This site has some great e-learning resouces, with lectures videos. Some of the videos are really informative. Though not as clear as expected. But still a great start. Here is the link for the list of […]

Git config in action!!!


This is the git command I learned today.I had wrongly set a wrong email id and user name for the git repo being used. Today I noticed the same and got to removing these entries. So here is a list of the various userful git config commands I learnt today.

Links dump for GCC optimization options.


Code optimization by using GCC options is the oldest trick programmer’s fallback to whenever the program size or speed improvements are expected. I was also in search of some easy gains in speed & size. Hence started the research to understand the various GCC options for compile time optimizations.

Adding compiler flags to existing CMake flags.


I have been checking out various means to add compiler options while using the CMake build system. This was not so obvious to me when going through all the .cmake files in my huge project. So after searching a bit the following is the way to add custom compiler flags to cmake builds: