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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Links related to Self-organising linked list.


The following are some links related to Self-organising linked list which I will be studying in this week : Self-organizing list – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia CPS 100, Spring 1997, Self-Organizing Lists Dictionaries

[FileSystem][DSAOW] Week 35 – DS and Algo of the week & also mmap.


Data structure of the week : Self organising linked lists. Algorithms of the week : Self organising linked lists. I have been seeing a video lecture on filesystems and it has mentions to mmap. I had a very wrong idea of memory mapped files and it was corrected in the lecture. I have also checked […]

How fast is a write to memory as compared to disk drives?


This is a very good representation of the speed of writes to RAM as against the speed of the disk drive. This test was carried on a 2.4 GHz 8-core i7, 8GB RAM Ubuntu laptop. >>Writing to swap which will be basically memory mapped file time dd if=/dev/zero of=/run/zero ibs=10240 count=10000 10000+0 records in 200000+0 […]

Browser-docs: Chromium graphics documentation.


Chromium, the open source browser from Google has some a complex graphics rendering system. There is some vast documentation available on the sites, but some of the documents are hosted on Google Docs, which is unfortunately not accessible in our office. Hence I have made pdfs of the same documents and hosted them here on […]

September is Linker Month!!!


For September I am going to check out Ian Taylor’s Linker series of technical articles. There are around 20 odd articles to be read. The link series for the article is as follows: –

Self-help books to be read for the month of August 2013


The following books will be read and notes for the same posted in the month of August 2013: 1) Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work – by Chip Heath, Dan Heath 2) Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die – by Chip Heath, Dan Heath 3) How to […]

Adding fields and formatting options in Postie.


Follow this link for all the options when making posts through Postie.: Make sure to visit these tips once before making a post.

Reading list for August 2013.


From this month on, I will be posting the list of books & articles which will be read in that month. Basically the reading list will be published and the notes for those books/articles will be posted as well. This month I am checking out self-help books & books on file system. File System related […]

Test post!!


Some quick posts can be done through email!!!