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Time to go beyond GTD with Kanban, Mindmaps and Cornell system of note taking.

I have now a working system of collecting all the tasks to be done
currently. This includes all long term and short term tasks. But overall
execution and prioritisation is a big let down. There are some days where
in I am completing all the tasks for the day, and some days where in I
don’t even check the list, even though quite a few tasks are pending.
The solution to the troughs of productivity is to visualise the tasks, make
them more tangible and then execute them. Personal Kanban is going to help
me in doing it. GTD had its workflow , but its not so tangible.
The next step is to install a simple Kanban android app and then review the
list every hour or whenever the tasks are completed.
The choice of Android Kanban apps are :
A good series on Personal Kanban implementation.

The other productivity boost is going to from Mindmaps and the Cornell
system of note taking.
I read a lot and let all of that pass through, hardly making any notings of
the same.
From now on any technical article or book, will be accompanied by notes and

A more detailed post with the details of the integration of these systems
in my daily routine will be posted in a month.

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